Kul-e Farah site in Izeh (Iran) is an ancient heritage of humankind that reminds us of the importance of music over the past millenniums. As stone carved in this site, the historical harp of NARSIA, a heritage of Elam civilization and Iranian history, has been re-developed after thousands of years through a series of studies and researches and has been employed in ICOM-Iran's Melody of Peace album as a Peace Symbol to serve posterity with an inception in the world’s ancient musical language... 

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Call for Iranian Lullabies


Lullabies of any nation could be considered as a massage of PEACE and a soulful melody. People of any genuine culture and obviously different Iranian origins do have a great tendency to preserve their childhood lullabies as an ancient piece of artwork. The history is a proof for this.

The national phase/part 2 of the project is designed to collect samples of Iranian lullabies to be unveiled to the world within an international "Music of Peace” collection...



Current Submission Requirements:

 Iranian Lullabies submission Requirements:
  • The submitted recordings must be a home-made AUDIO/VIDEO file with NO editing or artistic retouch.
  • There is absolutely no restrictions regarding the design structure of the recordings.
  • The submitted recording must be of at least a minimum sound and image acceptable quality – Recording with a touch cellphone camera will be appropriate, provided that there are no unnecessary audio visual noises included.
  • While uploading the recordings, it is necessary to fill out the form on the very basic information around the submitted lullaby including sender’s name, the region, etc. (Chosen recordings and their related information will be published in the project’s catalogue in two languages)
  • Submission deadline is May 20, 2017